"Only appears what was able to hide first."

Georges Didi-Huberman, Phasmes, 1998

I graduated with a master degree in Visual Arts from a French university. Then I moved to the USA where I have been living 10 years. I used to be a photographer until I discovered sewing and recycled fashion. I then created my brand and sold my creations mostly online.

My inspiration comes from diverse cultures and times: Peruvian Amazon forest, Ancient Greece, Japanese culture and traditions and much more.

Fasmes are all made of natural material: wool, linen, wood, clay, paper clay. I try the best I can to avoid plastic material, polyester, polymer clay... Most of the elements I use are recycled.

Even though each Fasme is made with a lot of care, they are constituted of wires and other dangerous material for children. Therefore they are not toys.

Cecile Moreau



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